What is the Shem Ha-Meforash?Actually, Shem Ha-Meforash means Extended Name. It allows to extend the spellings of the Hawayah (YHWH), so that they exert a more specific action in the Universe.

The "72-fold Name" is one of the most common variants, which is highly important to Sefer Raziel. It is derived from Exodus 14:19-21, read boustrophedonically to produce 72 Names of three letters. This method was explained by Rashi, (b. Sukkah 45a). In particular, we take the first letter from the first verse, the last letter from the second verse, and again the first letter of the third verse. This gives the first Holy Name from the 72. We proceed the same way to obtain the other names. We take the second letter from the first verse, the second last letter from the second verse, and the first letter from the third verse. Thus, we have the second Name, and so on, until we have all 72. Those three verses contain exactly 72 letters each. Therefore, we obtain a perfect result.

Kabbalist legends state that the 72-fold name was used by Moses to cross the Red Sea, and that it can grant later holymen the power to control demons, heal the sick, prevent natural disasters, and even kill enemies. The recitation of this name should also allow to go through every difficult situation in life, connect to the Lord and obtain the needed heavenly help. It works on the environment around us and also inside of us, to wih our fears and make us a better person.
What is the difference between Divine Name, Angel, and Demon?According to the kabbalistic tradition, the 72 lettered-Name was just 72 Named of the Lord. Further speculation, brought to add a suffix, to make an Angel our of the Name. The original author assigned randomly either "Yah" (Lord) or "El" (God) as suffix, but he stated that any of the two can be used. Tradition, later, used only one of them. We give the names according to tradition. However, the reader is free to experiment and use also the other suffix, according to that which he wants to obtain. Yah has spiritual properties, brings enlightenment, freedom, action, while El defines a situation, materializes, arrests robbers, etc. Demons are a later addition that comes from magical sources. By a careful examination of their names, it is clear that they were transposed into Hebrew just per chance, but they are neither Hebrew names nor part of this tradition. We give them here just for sake of completeness, so that the reader can see the errors to avoid.
Why to you put angelic seals in the demon section?In the demon section, the reader will find seals. Currently, those seals from magical sources are referred to as angelic seals. However, this is a mistake. Angelic seals use angelic languages, which are completely different, and no angelic seal of the 72 was given in history. Those are all demoniac seals.
Is the Angel of the Shem Ha-Meforash my Guardian Angel?Despite you will find a lot of magical site telling you that this is your Guardian Angel, this is not true. If there are 9 billion people on earth, and you divide them by 72, your angel would have really little time to take care of you. The 72 angels are archetipes. Your Guardian Angel it totally a different matter. It is only for you and takes care of you exclusively. There is no way to know its name, unless you receive it by prophecy.
Is is true that we have an Angel on a shoulder and a Demon on the other to advise us?This is just a depiction of what is really happening. As long as we live in the Tree of Good and Evil, in every choice of ours we are subject to a Bright Side and a Dark Side. Angels are not perfect. They only embody a specific task they are appointed to. Therefore, if you ask them something that is outside their domain, they are likely to fail. This is their defect. It tipically happens when you want something that is not in God's mind and you try to force the angel to do things as you wish instead of how it is decreed. The angel will do its best, but its bad qualities, or demoniac qualities, will come out. That is the so called Demon - a lack of proper understanding, a dimming of the decreed light. As the separation from God increases, it is likely we have a good and a bad adviser linging on our shoulders, as our psyche becomes fractured. This can happen at the level of our Guardian Angel and Prosecutor, or with the Angels of the SHem Ha-Meforash. That is why we chose this depiction.
What are the Angel of the Nefesh, the Angel of the Ruach, and the Angel of the Neshamah?We have 3 components: A Body/Nefesh, a Spirit/Ruach, and a Soul/Neshamah. Therefore, we have three Names/Angels/Demons from the 72, which rule upon each one of those aspects. The Angel of the Nefesh has a major impact on our health, bodily desires, conduct in life. It represents our blueprint, the mix of genes and environment that formed us and represent where we come from and what we bring with us (our past). The Angel of the Ruach represent our energy, the things we do, what we are building, how we are developing ourselves now, in the present. The angel of the Nsehamah represents our higher passions and goals, what we strive to become, where we will finally go. It's the future, but also God's influence on us, to fulfill our purpose on earth.
Your calculations are different from those on other sites. Why?When you talk about the 72 Names, you are unlikely to find 2 systems alike. The issue arises because you cannot divide 365 days in the year by 72 cleanly. Some angels will have an extra day. But which one? And here, each system differs. They also differ from which day to start the count. We feel that every system has its pros and cons. Angels that are close to each other in the wheel will have similar characteristics. Therefore, the reading will never be too wrong. However, it is likely it will never be accurate either.
Are there additional issues in this system? We combined a double approach. We used the most traditional system and run cross data analysis on it. We came up with an overall system that we think is the most reliable nowadays. However, there are some other caveats to keep on mind. Neither the solar nor the Jewish calendar are cleanly divisible by 72. This affects the calculation of the Angel of the Nefesh and the Angel of the Ruach. Every system assigns them a specific day. To stick to Jewish tradition, we implemented the day beginning at dawn and not at midnight. Somebody born before dawn has the Angel of the preceding day. Moreover, some advocate that we shoould not divide the day by 20 minutes. Instead, we should see the time of dawn and sunset. Therefore, the day might last longer and the night less, or viceversa. It follows that the Angel's span could be sometimes more sometimes less than 20 minutes. This affects the calculation of the Angel of the Neshamah. We recalculate the time division according to the sunrise and sunset, to give a correct result.
Why are activation psalms not the usual ones?Most activation psalms around come from magic and are simply incorrect. Some sites even give the Hebrew verse, to show that the Holy Name is included. But, if you take a Torah, you can see yourself that the verses are mostly completely wrong. There are many authors, giving different activation verses. We gave those we saw most fit. Our verses are entirely correct.
How does an activation psalm work?You need to meditate on the Divine Name, or call the Angel. During your meditation, you repeat the activation verse, to seal your request with it.
How do I chose the Name/Angel spelling, or the verse, as you give many?Start meditating and let the Hand of the Lord guide you. Listen to your intuition. You will resonate the best with a spelling/vowelization/verse. Then, you will know you have to proceed with that. Just keep on mind that we give some of the possible vowelizations. You can use any you like, also taking them from divine Names. Abraham Abulafia was used to employ the vowels of Elohim (God) with all the 72 Names.
What are all those verses that include the Angel's name?That is the complete list of activation verses. You will find it nowhere else. We are giving it here for the first time in history. We preferred to give only the verses that include the Angel's name, which average 43 verses per name. Had we given all the verses that include the Divine Name, it would have averaged 173 verses per name.
What version of the Torah do you use?We use the Jewish Publishing Society in English and the Westmister Leningrad Code in Hebrew.
Why is your Tree of Life reversed?Imagine you have a person, an angel, God Himself in front of you. If you are face-to-face, your right is the left of the etity in front of you, and your left is its right. This is the path of the Straight Light. If you meditate and visit the upper planes, you will find this reality. For unknown reasons, probably to conceal the light, most Trees are depicted as you were seeing the entity in front of you front-to-back. It allows you to see only the Reflected Light from the back, but not a complete and correct experience of divinity.
Why are your paths non standard?There are many Trees in the Garden. The classic Tree of Life coming from magical sources is just wrong. The paths are those of a Fallen Tree. We use the Lurianic Tree, where the mother letters correspond to the only horizontal paths, the 7 double letters correspond to the vertical paths, and the 12 simple letters correspond to the diagonal paths.
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